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Water Project

Restoration of our well

Many places in Haiti often have a difficult time getting safe, clean water to its citizens. By the grace of The Most High at Casim Ministry our water pump allowed us to do just that. As we know, water is a vital natural resource that provides bathing and cooking water for hundreds of families, members of our school, congregation and members of surrounding communities. We have been able to touch many lives and put action to our declaration of preaching the good news. Unfortunately the pump is currently broken and the system needs rewiring as well; We are asking those who can contribute to our goal of $3,500 to replace the pump and rewire the system to ensure that a reliable source of water can continue to be provided, will come alongside us and support the ministry in this project.  

Food Project 

Feeding the Children

One thing The Most High has told us is to feed his children both spiritually and physically. Food is provided by Casim Ministry at school and also at our sabbath service where 230 kids recently showed up. Our goal is to try and have the food cost covered from March to June which is 4 months. The food budget totals to $1000 a month to feed all the children, so the total goal for the remainder of the school year is $4000. Whether it is by spreading this information to others or financially contributing we ask you to support this project and help feed the children of Saintiaque, Haiti.

Taking the next step: Bagging Water

The next step of Casim Ministry's vision is being fully self -sufficient and creating economic growth for the communities around us. As stated above the water that comes from the pump is safe enough to bathe and and cook with however it's not quite drinkable as is. Our goal is to raise enough for a water filtration and bagging machine. Bagged water is a major industry in Haiti and unfortunately vendors often take advantage of our people knowing they are an essential source to the Haitian people. With the acquisition of this machine we can employ honest workers from the ministry and allow our community to support itself. The machine is easy to use and can produce up to 5 million bags of water per year. The cost of the machine is $4,500, so in order to complete the two parts of the water project our total goal amounts to $8,000. We appreciate those who have supported the ministry so far and we welcome any who are led to help transform Casim and make Santiaque, Haiti a better place.

How the Machine Works

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